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                                         —— 一堂英语写作课

我校高一年级英语科用的教材是人教版的《普通高中课程标准教科书》。它的主要编者Dodie Brooks在新课程培训资料的一文“How to Approach NSEFC” 的一文中讲述了如何教写作。她说:As writing is the most difficult of the four skills it needs the most preparation and organization before beginning it. Do the writing as an individual activity. But to improve the quality of the writing each student needs a partner (possibly from the group of four used for speaking). When each student has finished his/her first draft, they should exchange them and read the other’s work. Then each student should make comments to help improve his/her partner’s writing. They should look at the content (Does it make sense?), grammar (Where are the mistakes?) and vocabulary ( Have some interesting words or expressions been used?) Finally they return each other’s work and rewrite the passage including the improvements.
在教学中我尝试了她的这种写作教学方式,觉得很有效,以下我以第4模块第一单元Women of achievement为例, 展示一个英语写作教学案例。
本学期第12周星期五早上第一第二节为英语课,按备课计划,今天教学内容是第4模块第一单元Women of achievement的写作课,主题是写一位你认识的伟大女性。上课开始,我就以谈话式形式导入新课。
老师:These days we’re reading and hearing some achievement which some great woman have made. All of these give us this information, that is, if a person devotes all his/her love to others, he/she can be a successful person. Today every one of you chooses a woman that you know and describe her. Give as many details as you can so that your classmates can imagine the woman in his/her mind.
万明策:My mother is a woman who loves me and considerate to me. When I felt upset, she would encourage me. Without mother, my life will be dark all the time…
吴万妃:My mother is a house wife. Most of my neighbors love her very much. She is concerned about their health and their lives. Once, she cooked “fish soup” for them, and they said it was very delicious. She sells fish for my father. She is a gentle wife to my father. I love my mother very much
吴剑锋:my mother is not only a clever businesswoman but also a competent mother. She has a gift for business.…She always reminds me of wearing more clothes when it gets colder…
张明嘉:Forty years ago, nearly all the families in my grandma’s village were poor. Her neighbor’s children often stood at the door to watch the food while grandma was eating. How poor! Grandma often shared the food with them and sometimes gave some candies to them…
符启。簍here is a countryside woman. A traffic accident changes her life. Her husband was killed in the traffic accident. But she made up her mind that she would not marry again .She worked even harder than before, and made money for her children to afford school. Everyone respects her……
陈金龙: As we all know , our class has a lady, she is very kind and busy. She has a black bag which is always carried with her.(我确实天天挎个黑书包,他在这里定语从句及被动语态用得相当好) She looks like a foolish baby when she is reading (好可爱, 我怎么一点都不知道)… Can you guess who she is ?  
李敏刚:My English teacher is Miss Zeng. She is a good and kind and humorous teacher. I don’t think she is beautiful or tall. She has a baby face. To be honest, you will think she is a woman that has never grown.(哈哈,把我描述成这样,娃娃脸有长不大的嫌疑感,逗乐了全班和我). She is kind because she cares for my classmates. She also encourages the classmates who failed. I think she is the most humorous woman that I have seen before. She could have a joke with us and tell a funny story to make us laugh. I think that will make us relax. The way of her teaching is very modern. My classmates and I all think she is a good teacher. (想不到有时会和我唱反调的他对我有这么高的评价,让我好感动,师生的感情是纯洁的,神圣的)
黄颖:She is our English teacher teaching us now. Every student knows her all loves her. She is the best English teacher I have even seen. (此时,我上前紧握她的双手,作万分感激状,感谢她的美言:Thank you very much. You are a good student.全班笑,气氛活跃……) I like to listen to her lessons. Her lessons are funny and she always has good ideas for us to study. If we have any problems, she will know them very soon and help us. She always smiles and when she looks at us, her eyes always shines with love……
原句:(吴锦正)My mother is kindness and consideration to all the people. 修改后:My mother is kind and considerate to all the people。
原句:(钟定。㏒he is smile. 修改后:She smiles
原句:(陈才维)Mrs Xu is a shot woman. 修改后: Mrs Xu is a short woman.
原句:(余雅静) She nearly 40 years old. 修改后:She is nearly 40 years old.
教学是教师的教与学生的学的统一, 这种统一的实质是交往。交往论强调师生间、学生间动态的信息交流,通过信息交流实现师生互动,相互沟通,相互影响,相互补充,从而达成共识、共享、共进。这是教学相长的真谛。对教学而言,交往意味着对话,意味着参与,意味着相互建构,它不仅是一种教学活动方式,更是弥漫、充盈于师生之间的一种教育情境和精神氛围(同学们对我的描述把我和同学们之间的距离接近了,关系更加亲密了,师生感情更得以升华了)。对学生而言,交往意味着心态的开放,主体的凸突现,个性的彰显,创造性的解放。对教师而言,交往意味着上课不是传授知识,而是一起分享理解;上课不是无谓的牺牲和时光的耗费,而是生命活动、专业成长和实现的过程。
可以说, 创设基于师生交往的互动互惠的教学关系, 是新课程教学改革的一项重要任务。